Four close friends call themselves the Bunnies and are there for each other through death, desertion by men, crazy parents and disruptive children. Lola Nelson has bought the Blue House, a huge Victorian home on the Gulf of Mexico that the group has admired on their yearly trip to the area. Never impulsive, Lola's husband has died, and her college-age daughter is hostile. She hopes her purchase will bring her out of her depression. Joining her are Shelby, a retired teacher, married with a college-age son; Emma, now single but looking; and Chloe, who has two grown children and a mother who has to go into a nursing home. In Once in a Blue Moon (4), Lenora Worth combines them all in a wild trip to see the house. While they're there, almost everyone in their lives arrives with problems and complications. The humor, action and dialogue are sharp and snappy. This light read is funny and flies by.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor