Dr. Larryn Maeller does not believe in ghostsuntil now. She is in London for a medical conference, boarding at the ancestral home of the Duke of Seldrake, Thomas Northby, when he appears in her bedroom.

She follows him onto the roof one night when a mysterious fog suddenly surrounds her. She wakes up in 17th-century England at the feet of a very surprised Duke.

Thomas is suspicious of the mysterious beauty. She could be a spy sent to prove that he is harboring plague victimsa crime punishable by death. He especially does not believe her preposterous tale of being a lady doctor, let alone one from the future.

Larryn finds Thomas a chauvinistic, domineering man with a heart of gold. Together the two healers work tirelessly to save as many children as they can, while maintaining strict secrecy, falling in love and fending off the kings soldiers. Little do they know that there is a vicious enemy out to betray Thomas and destroy Larryn.

Ms. Johnston delivers an engaging tale of love, honor and betrayal set amid a London stricken by the Great Plague. (Jun., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer