When her impressionable niece decides to take the advice of a popular columnist and run off with the man she loves, Eleanor Tennant is out for the writer's blood—little does she know that the journalist is Simon Westover. It's no secret to his family that he is a starry-eyed romantic. But word can't get out that the famed Busybody is a man.

Thus Simon agrees to help Eleanor find the runaway lovers. Along with a pair of Bow Street Runners, Simon and Eleanor begin to search the English countryside, but at the same time they begin a journey of the heart.

Eleanor's marriage gave her no reason to believe in love, and Simon feels that she wants a swashbuckler of a hero and not the poet he is. Is there some way to teach Eleanor about the love and passion that awaits in his arms?

Candice Hern's fresh voice shines in this utterly charming, highly entertaining romance, where the woman is the cynic and the hero a true romantic. Turning the tables on stereotypical characterizations makes this delightful and unique. Watching Eleanor's character change and seeing the good in human nature come to the fore reinforces everything romance is about. SENSUAL (Jan., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin