Wealthy Eastern-bred Belinda Jarvis has put the new sheriff, Conner Kincaid, in an impossible position-she wants him to reclaim her missing nephew from the outlaw who is holding him. The outlaw is Conner's brother. If he fulfills her demand, Conner's family will be torn asunder.

The law is on her side, and Conner, a man of honor, has sworn to uphold the law. Belinda goads Conner's infamous temper with threats, bribes and a kiss. The golden beauty's feminine charm is a fine match for his powerful sensuality.

Still she withholds information about her devious cousin's plans (unknowingly endangering herself) and is a guest of Conner's sworn enemy, Charles Riverton.

Belinda is unaware that she has become a pawn in Riverton's schemes until she witnesses Conner's confrontation with him.

Their overwhelming attraction cannot be denied. Their lovemaking nearly ends in tragedy when they are set upon by Riverton's hired guns. Badly beaten, Conner brings Belinda to the safety of his ranch. Their peace is shattered. A fire and a stampede demands heroic acts. But Conner is left to face the betrayal from within the extended Kincaid family, and only Conner can salvage truth from lies and love from loss.

ONCE A LAWMAN is the breathtaking conclusion to Ms. Michaels' outstanding trilogy. All the Kincaid brothers are the heroes dreams are made of. Each novel is a special treasure to be savored over and over again. SENSUAL (May, 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor