ONCE IN A LIFETIME is an apt title for this outstanding story. Becoming a housekeeper for Telford Harrington seems tame after the recent events in Alexis's life. She obtained a divorce from her philandering husband, Jack Stevenson, by signing over her financial assets in exchange for custody of their daughter, Tara. Though she's worried about how her employer will react once he learns she has a child, Alexis and Tara soon become "family" to the Harringtons, despite Alexis's objections to Tel accommodating his home to match her present needs.

Each character plays an integral part; from Henry, the cantankerous elderly cook, to Biscuit, Tara's puppy. I laughed out loud during the comedic scenes, became angry and hostile when Jack tried his hand at interfering in his ex-wife's new life, and impatient as Alexis and Tel take their time getting to know one another while stoking the embers of their smoldering desire.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME has to be read cover to cover. Once to devour the story and the next to savor it slowly and marvel at Ms. Forster's skill as a storyteller! (Jul., pp. 352, $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims