First in a new trilogy, ONCE A MAVERICK introduces readers to the very special Kincaid brothers. Wherever Tyrel Kincaid goes, trouble follows. In a desolate saloon deep in Arizona territory he meets trouble head-on in a spitfire of a woman named Dixie Rawlins.

Dressed as a man, Dixie drifts from one poker game to another searching for the scarred man who destroyed her peaceful existence. Faced with helping a wounded Tyrel or catching her enemy, she chooses to save Tyrel's life.

Ty awakens long-buried feelings in Dixie and when she tries to flee, he hides her guns and gold, forcing her to stay and confront her emotions.

While the men are out rounding up cattle, Ty's friend's ranch is attacked. Without a firearm, Dixie struggles to defend the women. Ty's return sends the varmints retreating, but Dixie insists on pursuing them. Ty shadows her every move, and when their paths cross, Dixie is no longer able to douse the flames that ignite between them. Only after more trials do these stubborn lovers find a way to exact revenge.

Brimming with adventure, ONCE A MAVERICK whets your appetite for the rest of the Kincaid brothers' trilogy. If the next two books are as riveting as this one, then readers are in for a real treat! SENSUAL (July, 289 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor