When Lady Diana Covington refuses the amorous advances of a peer and is attacked in her own garden, she has no idea that the man who rescues her is a notorious pirate.

But a pirate he is, and Alex Rothstone, known as El Moreno, is hunting down his enemies. Even though she stirs his passion, as the daughter of one of them, he must forget her.

Yet when she is stolen from her bed by his mortal enemy, Marcus, an evil pirate in the employ of Dianas spurned suitor, Alex is the first to reach her.

On board Alexs ship, she bargains her affections, if hell find her father innocent. Making no promises, Alex introduces her body to passion before he takes her to his island home. Once there, he seeks to leave her, but Diana stows away and refuses to leave her lovers side.

Back in England, their enemies set a trap and Diana must watch her beloved pirate die before she can publicly claim the affection of a famous nobleman.

With a plot as old as romance itself, Ms. Mullins does a fair job in her debut of setting the pace and creating the backdrop. An uncomplicated, enjoyable weekend read. SENSUAL (Jan., 372 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black