According to his late fathers will, Andrew Ramsey, Marquis of Templeton, shall be responsible for his fathers mistress and any of her offspring. She is ensconced in the cottage of Andrews ancestral home, and he is determined to evict her. Thats when he discovers that his fathers mistress is the woman who left him standing at the alter years ago, Kathryn Markinson.

Kathryn, now Mrs. Stafford, is a widow with a young son, who, she informs Andrew, is his half-brother. Andrew finds himself still wanting Kathryn, for there is unfinished business between them. He demands she become his mistress, but that soon changes and he wants Kathryn to be his wife.

Will Kathryns secret and the betrayal of a friend destroy their new love?

An emotionally crafted tale filled with passion and tenderness, ONCE A MISTRESS will bring a smile and a few tears to the reader. SENSUAL (Sep., 309 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond