Lady Julia Thomas is ordered to marry the Earl of St. Martin to save her mother and handicapped sister from poverty. But its not her cold, refined husband-to-be who sets her blood afire...its his outrageous cousin.

Known as Baron Archer in Charles IIs court, Griffin conceals his true duty behind a foppish mask and a network of deadly intrigue. Yet even the most absurd costume cannot hide his heart from Julia. Within days of meeting, they are passionately involved.

When she tries to break her engagement, Julia discovers that her fianci is capable of anything, including murder, to keep her. Once wed amid the opulence of the Court, where danger and treachery are all around, Julia and Griffin enter a dangerous game of seduction while trying to unravel a plot against the Kings life.

Wow! Ms. Faulkners standard of excellence rises again to bring us a multi-faceted tale of intrigue, obsession and love. In ONCE MORE she carves out a tale that goes beyond the ordinary. This novel shines like a brilliant jewel! SENSUAL (Sep., 347 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black