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While the premise of this story is most intriguing, I had difficulty connecting with the characters. Multi-talented author Emilie Richards has charted a bold new course with this unusual and very distinctive novel.

Middle aged society hostess Elisabeth Whitfield believes her husband Owen is having an affair. She begins to feel that she made a mistake when she abandoned her journalism career.

On the other hand, twenty-something Gypsy Dugan is at the top of her form as the star of a tabloid news program. But Gypsy does have one major problem -- someone may be trying to kill her.

Elisabeth and Gypsy are destined to have a fateful encounter when their cars collide in an intersection. Floating out of her body, Elisabeth senses the departure of Gypsy's spirit, but something holds her own back. When she regains consciousness, Elisabeth is terrified to discover that she is no longer in her own body. Somehow she has become Gypsy Dugan, while Elisabeth Whitfield's body lies in a coma.

As her body slowly recovers, Elisabeth lives Gypsy's tangled life, to experience the life Elisabeth always missed. But can she turn her back on Owen and their grown son, Grant? Elisabeth has inherited Gypsy's danger along with her exciting lifestyle. Can she piece together what's behind the murder attempts? If not, her life as Gypsy may be very short indeed.

(Aug., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith