This sixth and final book of the Orphan Train series chronicles a young girl's journey from child to woman and the discovery of friends and love along the way. It's the small things, as well as the well-crafted description of time and place, that bring quiet realism to this story.

At age 15 Jehenna Scovia is sent west on an orphan train. Adopted by the Carters, she meets logging camp cook Marge. But she's forced to flee after Mrs. Carter dies and Mr. Carter attacks her.

Marge takes her in and brings her along to the logging camp. Jehenna's father hires Nathan Cohen to find her, but she doesn't trust him and takes off on her own, taking different jobs and making numerous friends. Her father sends Nathan to once again ask her to come home. When Nathan finds her, he also falls in love with her. (CHAMPAGNEBOOKS.COM, dl $6.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley