Brianne Martin had already lived a difficult life when she met Pierce Hutton at age nineteen. Her father had died suddenly, and her mother had remarried a wealthy man within five months. Now expecting a new baby, her stepfather doesnt want Brianne around, and sends her to boarding school. A happenstance encounter with a business associate of her stepfathers leads to much more.

Pierce had lost his wife, and with her his will to live. A business trip in Paris seems the culmination of his sorrow as he considers the only way to reunite with his wife, and gets very drunk. Who would have thought a girl so young could take care of him in his moment of need, and reestablish his will to live?

A year later Brianne is twenty and her stepfather has plans to marry her off to a Middle Eastern man with a horrid reputation in order to foster their business relationship. When she finds Pierce again, he becomes determined to save her life, much the way she saved his. The two join forces and discover that age is no barrier to love.

Ms. Palmer delivers a fast paced read as full of emotion as it is of adventure. A truly delightful read. (Dec., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson