Lord Randall Darnley has been sent to the principality of Mirandeau to protect the recently orphaned young prince and his sister, Princess Leonie.

Posing as a palace guard named Hawk Randall, he manages to find a place close to the royal heirs. He quickly learns that the princess is terrified of some unknown fear and that her brother and nearly identical cousin are being used as pawns in the regents quest for power.

When Hawk sees the extent the regent will go to in order to usurp the power that rightfully belongs to the prince he whisks the royal family away to safety in England. He has come to respect the seemingly shy Leonie for her courage, loyalty and love, and she has come to more than admire their rescuer.

England and its society may be strange to Leonie, but as their love grows she begins to feel secure. Yet danger stalks them until the fateful and frightening climax.

With ONCE A PRINCESS, Veronica Sattler delivers an exciting, tender and more than satisfying fairy-tale-like romance. Readers will easily fall in love with the two young boysas well as Hawkand wish, for a moment, to be in Leonies shoes. Moreover, Ms. Sattler gives you the feeling of being there and breathes life into this novels setting. SENSUAL (Sep., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin