Image of Once a Rake (Drake's Rakes)


Image of Once a Rake (Drake's Rakes)

Dreyer is a master storyteller who merges intrigue and passion perfectly. With characters you can see and almost touch, action/adventure, dark secrets, vicious spies, tenderness, compassion and deep love, Once a Rake is hard to put down and difficult to forget. Happily, it is just the beginning of a new trilogy in Dreyer’s Drake’s Rakes series.

Colonel Ian Ferguson is unjustly accused of attempting to assassinate the Duke of Wellington and ends up shot and overboard. He is swept ashore, a fugitive on the run, when he finds shelter on Lady Sarah Clarke’s land. As the illegitimate child of a nobleman, Sarah yearns for acceptance and respect. Sarah is trying to manage her missing husband’s estate and hold on to her reputation when she finds Ian. Though she knows the danger he represents, Sarah hides him from the law and nurses him back to health. They understand each other’s inner turmoil and need for acceptance, and one forbidden kiss seals their fate. When it becomes imperative Ian find the true traitors, he “kidnaps” Sarah to protect her reputation and, together, they embark on a wild journey to clear his name. They will have to trust in the power of their love to vanquish the traitors. (FOREVER, Nov., 416 pp., $8.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin