Olivia is mesmerized by Robert, the Marquis of Bradstones, attention. Passionately in love with him, Olivia will do almost anything for him, including translating an encrypted missive and becoming an unwilling accomplice in murder.

Then Robert disappears. Years later he returns and all Olivia can dream of is revenge and righting the wrong she committed by loving and trusting this scoundrel.

Olivia must get information to Wellington which means she will have to trust Robert once more. But this Robert is not at all like the man she remembers. He is more the hero than traitor.

Amid daring escapades with the British army and searching for an elusive treasure, the duo fall in love. But more danger awaits the closer they get to uncovering the legendary fortune and its secrets. Can Olivia really trust that Robert is who he seems?

Elizabeth Boyles gift for creating fast-as-lightening plots and dynamic characters comes to the fore in another heartstopping, original romance. Heres a tale for those who thrive on roller coaster rides with twists and turns that surprise and astonish. This non-stop read will keep you up until the last page is turned and you sigh with satisfaction. SENSUAL (Jul., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin