Maggie is determined to find a wife for her friend Dominic Chickalini, and Charlie wants to set up his friend Julie with a "regular Joe." Through the magic of technology— namely an e-mail dating service— Dom and Julie are paired up.

But in the process, so are Maggie and Charlie, albeit somewhat reluctantly. After being jilted once, Charlie has sworn off marriage, and Maggie has a boyfriend (who is absent at the moment). Even though Dom and Julie's on-again, off-again romance brings Charlie and Maggie together, they both know they're much too different to endure as a couple.

ONCE UPON A BLIND DATE is a lighthearted romance that focuses on Maggie, a friend of the Chickalinis (The Nine Month Plan). The ups and downs of Dom and Julie's relationship intertwine with Maggie and Charlie's growing attraction to each other. Their struggle to deny their obvious desire for one another, and Maggie's determination to get Dom and Julie matched up, makes for many humorous moments. An altogether fun, fast read. (Mar., 368 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley