When Holly's boyfriend Brad claims he "needs some space" and moves out, Holly doesn't look forward to spending the holidays alone. She sets in motion a plan to win back Brad using hunky Sam, her new roommate. In "Mistletoe and Holly," Sam has a different plan that doesn't include Brad.

Stacy is keeping peace in the family by making use of a honeymoon suite at a posh Las Vegas hotel. What she doesn't know is that her ex-boyfriend Dylan is taking this opportunity to win back Stacy and correct some misunderstandings in "Christmas Honeymoon."

After spending one glorious night with best friend Nick, Chloe is sure they share more than friendship. But Nick doesn't remember what happened and still doesn't want marriage and kids. When Chloe discovers she's pregnant in "A Baby for Christmas," she makes sure Nick thinks she has an absent boyfriend, even after he starts taking an inordinate amount of interest in her well-being.

This is a delightful collection of three holiday stories. The heroes are ones that any woman wouldn't mind finding underneath her Christmas tree. And the heroines aren't pushovers--they allow themselves to be persuaded that Christmas is a wonderful time to admit to being in love. (Oct., 452 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley