Jove launches their new line of Magic Romances with a tale of a sleeping beauty awakened by a very modern prince.Although readers may find the love scenes inconsistent with character development, and the heroine not particularly appealing, Ms. Cross amuses us with a gaggle of piquant supporting characters and entertaining dashes of humor.

Turning Dunhelm Castle into a luxury hotel is the most difficult challenge Baird Beauforte has ever taken on. But some unnameable quality in this fortress, located on a remote island in the North Sea, convinces him that it is the perfect location to begin the expansion of his resort business into Europe.

One day, however, he stumbles into a long-lost brambled portion of the castle garden and discovers a sleeping woman who comes to life after he presses an impulsive kiss to her lips.

Princess Aurelia has no idea who the strangers are who have taken possession of her father's castle. Even more bewildering are the changes that have taken place since she last saw her home. What wizardry has her astonished host wrought? Thus begins the final weaving of mythic legend in which love will finally triumph, or be totally destroyed.

(July, 336 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer