A light-hearted, sexy time travel romance that brings a new spark to the genre. Nancy Block's special sense of humor turns this exciting high seas adventure into a humorous romp with love and laughter. Sit back and simply enjoy this delightful debut novel.

For years John, Zoe's ex-husband, has been obsessed with locating a treasure that belonged to his ancestor, the infamous pirate Black Jack Alexander. Finally, Zoe agrees to visit her ex-husband at his ancestral home. She certainly does not expect her visit to bring such exciting consequences!

Suddenly Zoe is plunged 180 years into the past straight onto the deck of The Raven, Black Jack's ship. The pirate's uncanny resemblance to her husband throws Zoe for a loop, but as she becomes adjusted to her new place in time she begins to enjoy the situation. Jack is far more interesting and sexy than John and it seems he finds her very intriguing.

Zoe's quick adjustment to 1815, the ship, and the perils at sea make her an ideal passenger, but when The Raven is captured by corsairs and Zoe held captive in a harem, Jack risks his life to rescue her.

Now the pair must somehow find a way to merge the past and the present and locate her husband's part in all of this.

(Apr., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin