Once Lady Emma had a bright future, but then she was forced to trick her fianc, Lucas Coulter, the Marquess of Wortham, into marriage. When he discovers that she is pregnant with another's child, he leaves her. With her grandfather's gambling debts mounting, Emma has no choice but to find a way to pay off the bills by becoming the cat burglar known as the Bond Street Burglar.

The one night, Lucas catches her and he makes a deal with her; he will keep her secret if she will give him a son and heir. Emma only wants freedom to marry another man who pledges a marriage in name only. She must comply with Lucas' bargain or lose everything.

Emma takes her place as Lady Wortham, not expecting her husband to woo her and replace her fear of intimacy with desire. He tutors her in love after learning of her deep secret and what happened when her daughter was conceived.

Their newfound love will unleash another's hatred that knows no bounds and draw them into grave peril.

Barbara Dawson Smith creates unusual, powerful stories, just what readers are looking to cherish. ONCE UPON A SCANDAL is another memorable tale from this not-to-be-missed author. SENSUAL (Sep., 324 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin