Burrowes creates a powerful story replete with heartfelt emotion and rich characterization. Pairing the love of a child with the under- standing of honor and trust in a relationship, this tale of character growth is wonderful — and the resulting deep sigh for the reader makes this an instant keeper.

Tye Flynn is ordered by his father to travel to Scotland and bring back his long-lost brother’s daughter, Fiona. Since Fiona’s parents are on holiday, her aunt Hester is caring for her. Hester was unaware of Tye’s impending arrival and is determined to keep Fiona safe and in Scotland. Hester has reason not to trust men, but she is slowly drawn into a friendship with Tye. By the time Tye is supposed to leave to bring Fiona to England, Hester is contemplating Tye’s marriage proposal. Fate brings her to Tye’s mother’s home, where she learns about Tye’s past and his family’s problems. When danger strikes, Hester sees Tye’s devotion to Fiona and realizes she must set herself free from the past to grab a future with him. (SOURCEBOOKS, Aug., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin