It's another case of a princess wanting to shed her crown for a day when Princess Liliane Grunberg arrives in middle America to open an exhibition of her family's jewels. Lili is determined to explore the culinary and romantic aspects of local culture—peanut butter, hot dogs and hunks—despite the best efforts of her lady-in-waiting, her bodyguard, the mayor, a band of Gypsies and the museum's curator, Simon Tremayne. More of a frog than a prince (by his own admission), Simon is a goner from the minute he sees Lili and winds up playing sidekick during her escapades. Fearing that Lili's inexperience means she isn't sure if what she's feeling for him is lust or love, he won't take advantage. Fortunately, other forces are at work. Carrie Alexander does it again in Book One of this month's Double Duets, ONCE UPON A TIARA (4), a sweet-but-sexy fantasy featuring a remarkable heroine and a realistic, refreshingly unconventional hero.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer