While spending the last days before her London Season with her great Aunt Daffy in Ireland, Amethyst Danton falls asleep in the fairyring near their cottage and meets Comlan, King of the Tuatha De Danann. Convinced her mystical encounter is nothing but a wondrous dream, Amy leaves Ireland for the staid ballrooms and teas and the odious man her parents have chosen for her.

Believing herself doomed to a life without love and happiness, Amy glimpses a ray of hope when, glancing across a crowded ballroom, she spies the ethereal golden man of her dreams striding toward her.

When Comlan takes the dark beauty into his arms, he is consumed by the inexplicable feelings that overwhelmed him the first time they met. Never before has Comlan been tempted by a human, preferring his own kind and the adventures to be had in his realm. He must complete his mission and see Amy through the danger that surrounds her and return to his kingdom before the temptation becomes too great.

Love proves to be a stronger force than Comlan ever believed possible when despite his mystical powers he succumbs to the bittersweet longings of his heart.

In this spin-off of the novella, "The Fairy's Tale," the masterful and brilliant Ms. Rogers holds the reader enthralled with the skillful and lyrical prose of a bard of old. Brimming with emotional intensity, vibrant in characterization and spellbinding in atmosphere, ONCE UPON A TIME is a bewitching, magical love story that will whisk the reader into an ethereal land of enchantment. SENSUAL (Apr., 308 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox