Oak’s eighth installment of her Colorado series is pure bliss. Vivacious, personable characters and lush, well-defined storylines make you want to locate this fictional town and settle there for good. Readers will rejoice in how this release takes us back in time with the long anticipated history behind the relationship of two of Bliss’ beloved characters. It also introduces us to the younger versions of other Bliss residents who make the series such a joy to read. Steamy sex and a deliciously humorous romance balances well with the suspenseful mystery, making this another winning notch in Oak’s belt.

CIA operative John Bishop came to Bliss, Colo., for some much needed down time. His cover? He is Henry Flanders, a well-mannered, very proper history professor. Nell Finn is a bubbly cheerful woman whose personal mission in life is to fix the world one protest at a time. When John meets Nell, he recognizes her as a sexual submissive and figures he could use some play time. When Nell falls victim to violence, John jumps at the chance to help and finds himself falling deeper under the spell of Bliss and Nell. As their whirlwind relationship takes a deeper turn, John begins to wonder what will happen when his secrets are revealed. (SIRENPUBLISHING.COM, dl $7.50)
Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson