Image of Once Upon a Tower (Fairy Tales)


Image of Once Upon a Tower (Fairy Tales)

James’ twist on Rapunzel sweeps readers away into a fairy tale full of deep emotion while exploring the themes of self-imposed imprisonment, family relations, love, marriage and what is at the heart of any relationship. James wraps big themes in a wonderfully romantic story, beautifully written, intelligent and unforgettable.

The Duke of Kinross, Gowan Stoughton, arrives in London to find a bride who can complete his orderly life. The instant he’s introduced to Edie, the quiet, beautiful young woman appears to be ideal and he’s swept off his feet. Suffering from a high fever during her debut, Edie only appeared to be a demure, obedient lady. When her father accepts Gowan’s proposal, Edie is trapped. She knows what she wants in a marriage, and it’s not what Gowan demands. When their wedding night isn’t what it should be, Edie believes she only needs to pretend to prove to Gowan she’s perfect. But everything backfires as his pride wars with her passion and tempers collide, forcing Edie to lock herself away. Gowan must face his inadequacies, bury his pride and lure the lady back into his arms — even if it means climbing a tower to prove his love. (AVON, Jun., 429 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin