Once again Carlson touches the heart in this sweet, hopeful story of love finally found. Set during Valentine’s Day, it’s a nicely timed read for the holiday. This short novel is big on romance and inspired love, making it worth the price of admission.

Emma Burcelli’s beloved grandfather, Poppi, has just passed away. She decides to leave her dead-end job to come home and care for Nona. Emma is helping to run the family bookstore when she meets family friend Lane Forester. Lane shows her that Poppi’s tradition of decorating the store for Valentine’s Day is about more than selling chocolates and cards. While sharing memories of Poppi and his love of Dean Martin, Emma and Lane form a bond that could be more than friendship. Just as Emma starts to consider falling in love, her sister makes it clear that Lane belongs to her. How does Lane feel? (CENTER STREET, Jan., 160 pp., $11.00)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes