Ariella MacKendrick's only hope to save her clan is to find the famed warrior called The Black Wolf. But when she locates the hero, she finds a savage, badly-disabled, appalling drunk who agrees to help only for money.

Malcolm MacFane had once been a mighty warrior and laird, but now he's an emotionally and physically scarred man. But she has no choice but to accept his "help" and place whatever faith she has in him.

Her unconditional trust awakens the warrior sleeping in the broken man. Slowly MacFane regains what he has lost of himself to become the hero Ariella needs. Her growing respect and love for MacFane enable him to fight the demons that have driven him while grasping at one more chance to do battle with those who destroyed him; to rise once more to lead men as the new MacKendrick and love the woman destined for him.

Karyn Monk has created another soul-searing, wondrous read that combines sensuality, emotional intensity and even a dash of humor. She is truly a bright light of the genre that shines brighter with each new novel. This is a story of the power of love to redeem those who have lost faith and readers will share in the joy and enchantment of this magical story. SENSUAL (May, 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin