Lady Rowena Forster is determined to turn her back on her werewolf bloodline. Accepting it would make her no better than an animal herself. So she is greatly relieved when she becomes engaged to the powerful tycoon Cole MacLean, a man who has also promised to reject his werewolf roots. Little does she know that his promise is a lie

Tomas Alejandro Randall knows all about Cole Maclean. This is the man who has killed his family, stolen his land and turned him into a marked man. And now he finally has an opportunity to get revenge: all he has to do is lure the villains innocent fiancie away in search of her brother and find a way to seduce her into his bed.

Bemused by her bravery, aroused by her beauty, and at last captivated by her spirit, he finds that revenge is no longer what he really wants.

If there are not werewolves in the world as described by Ms. Krinard, there should be. Her marvelous creations have earned her a very special niche in romance annals and guarantee her first place in the hearts of lucky readers. (Jul., 388 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer