Image of One Bashful Lady


Image of One Bashful Lady

The intrigue and romance of this
tale will keep readers engaged, but
the storyline is unoriginal and obvious. Although the heroine does develop
and grow somewhat during the novel, the same cannot be said for the other characters. This novel would have
been much better with stronger characters and a believable storyline.

Until now, Lady Ainsley Delacorte's goal in life has been
to remain unnoticed. When her
sister circumvents an arranged
marriage, however, Ainsley has
to step up to the challenge.

Her perspective groom, Desmond Rawlington, sweeps her off her feet.
In the coming days, Ainsley falls in love with her husband, but she has some lingering doubts. Since her
husband is embroiled in a treasonous
plot to restore Napoleon to the
throne, Ainsley must strike a
precarious balance to save her monarch and her marriage. (Samhain, Mar., 256 pp., $13.50)

Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart