Image of One Dance with the Cowboy


Image of One Dance with the Cowboy
ONE DANCE WITH THE COWBOY (3) by Donna Alward: Already unsettled by her plans to expand her bakery, Jen O'Keefe is shocked when she discovers her ex-boyfriend, veterinarian Andrew Laramie, has come home. More disturbing still, Drew's planning to stay, and Jen's feelings for him haven't changed. Jen has forgiven Drew for leaving her 12 years ago but hasn't forgotten the pain, so catering the benefit for the rescue ranch he's opening is bittersweet. As is the possibility of rekindling their romance, which is on both their minds. An intense, emotional story with well-defined characters, this one has a really strong core conflict -- so strong that it's hard to believe the abrupt change of heart Drew and Jen have at the end.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer