Continuing her unique series of up-dated fairytales. Linda Jones has created a different Snow White tale, with gunfighter Joe White as the damsel in distress and Miss Sarah Prince as the one who awakens him.

Demon believes he is the best gunman and greatest lover until the day he hears the name Joe White. Determined to get rid of the competition, Demon has his thugs kill Joe. Instead, the inept duo wound the gunman and he is found by Sarah Prince.

The seven Sorter sisters know Sarah and Joe belong together. But Joe is a man whose life is filled with danger and there is no place in it for a woman like Sarah. But all it takes is one kiss for him to open his eyes to the promise and hope of love. Now only Demon stands in their way to happiness.

Though there is no talking mirror or poisoned apple, this creative, humorous, tender western rendition of the classic Snow White is a winner with this reader.

I was completely seduced by the clever ways Ms. Jones incorporated the fairy tales essence into a whole new romance with its own set of twists, turns and passion; bliss to read and savor. SENSUAL (Jun., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin