Micky Bellsong has made some very bad decisions in her life. Currently she's staying with her Aunt Geneva in a trailer park while attempting to get her life back on track.

Their neighbor in the trailer park, spunky and smart Leilani Klonk, is almost 10 years old, but she knows that unless she can find a way to convince people of the terrible danger she's in, she won't live to see her next birthday.

Curtis Hammond is already 10, but unless he can outwit the relentless killers who have murdered his mother, he too will die. Alone except for a friendly dog, Curtis uses every trick his brave mother taught him to survive. While Curtis has databanks of information regarding earth, he learns his social techniques leave a bit to be desired.

Curtis, Micky, Geneva, Leilani and others are on a collision course with destiny. Their survival depends on learning who they can trustand who they must fear.

Intriguing elements of the paranormal make this new thriller an exceptional ride. As always, Mr. Koontz takes readers on a wondrous journey they won't soon forget. (Now available, 606 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith