When it comes to having a convoluted family tree, the time-traveling de
Piagets certainly take the cake. Kurland once again employs time-hopping as a lighthearted way to bring lovers together. Humor is always a big factor in Kurland's delightful tales, and that holds true for this one. Enchanting!

Costume designer Pippa Alexander is in England to provide costumes for a special party when she and her sister Cinderella fall through a time gate. Thrust back in time to the falling-down castle of Montgomery de Piaget, the sisters are mistaken for fairies, given their costume wings. Cinderella, under the influence of drugs, claims she is the Fairy Queen, so it is up to Pippa to try and convince Montgomery of their plight. Montgomery has suspected for years that something is up with his family, and having Pippa appear out of nowhere is the answer to a dream and a problem, considering his hold on his castle is none too stable. These lovers may have to chase across time to get their happy ending! (JOVE, May, 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith