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by Harlan Coben

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Mystery, Humorous

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Sports agent Myron Bolitar is taking on an unusual assignment. A friend has asked him to keep a protective eye on Brenda Slaughter, the upcoming star of the womens basketball league. Brenda has received threats against her but she doesnt want a professional bodyguard. She reluctantly agrees to let Bolitar be her unofficial guardian angel. For Bolitar it is a bittersweet assignment. Years ago, Brendas dad had been the one to intro-duce him to the sport of basketball and now it is her father who is making the threats.

Bolitar finds Brenda a complex person, a self sufficient woman still hurt by her mothers desertion and disappearance twenty years earlier. It is this combination of strengths and weakness that Bolitar finds irresistible and soon his interest in Brenda is more than professional. Fortunately (or unfortunately since Bolitar has a girlfriend) the attraction is mutual.

When Brendas dad is found murdered, suspicion falls on the basketball superstar. To Bolitar this is absurd but he decides to undertake an investigation that will not only clear her name but hopefully uncover the whereabouts of her long missing
mother. What he doesnt realize is that he
is about to undertake a journey of treachery, passion, and despair that will lead to the ultimate in tragedies.

ONE FALSE MOVE is a murder mystery but also details the things that people do for love, whether it is love between a man and a woman, between parent and child, or love of self. This
is a strong tale, abounding with humor as
well as sorrow. (May, 340 pp., $6.99 )

Reviewed By: Toby Bromberg

Publisher: Dell

Published: May 1999

Reader Rating

4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
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One False Move

Submitted by Robin in PA on December 5, 2013 - 6:42pm.

Norm Zuckerman asks Myron Bolitar to be a bodyguard to star basketball player Brenda Slaughter. Brenda's father Horace, a mentor to Myron when he was a kid, has disappeared. Brenda has been receiving threatening calls and is being followed. One caller told her to contact her mother. That's not easy to do since her mother disappeared when she was a child. When Myron starts investigating Horace Slaughter's disappearance and the 20 year old disappearance of Anita Slaughter, he finds there are many people who don't want the truth to come out.

This is the fifth Myron Bolitar mystery. It has a more serious tone than the previous books in the series. Myron starts rethinking his personal life with Jessica. It doesn't help their relationship when right away Myron and Brenda are striking sparks off of each other. He is also given an ultimatum from Esperanza...make her a partner in MB Sports or she walks. The mystery is very well written. Some things that are just mentioned in passing turn out to be big clues. My rating: 5 Stars.