As a masquerade ball gets into full swing, Cybelline Caldwell makes a daring move -- surrendering to a stranger's embrace. In the morning, she realizes what she has done and flees London.

Christopher Hollins, Earl Of Ferrin, refuses to forget the stunning "Queen Boudica" from the ball and ferrets out her true identity before going after her. She is not only a beautiful woman who challenges and fascinates him, but a woman in danger.

Blackmailed by an unknown, ruthless villain, Cybelline is fearful of falling in love and bringing Ferrin into jeopardy. However, after he rescues her from an accident, nurses her through illness, wins her daughters' hearts and brings her passions to life, there is no way she can stop him from being her hero.

Goodman completely captures the era with a witty eye for dialogue and mores. To this wonderful portrait she adds suspense, a cast of memorable characters and a lovely romance that makes us believe in happily ever after. SENSUAL (Aug., 444 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin