Ever wish you could have a second chance to catch the man who got away? Four talented authors give you the opportunity in a delightfully engaging anthology that captures the tone of the Regency era to perfection while offering with four unforgettable love stories.

Alexander makes you smile as Charlotte Robb, widow of Captain Hugh Robb, who died in battle, realizes it's high time she remarried. The "Trouble With Charlotte" is that her husband isn't dead. But when Hugh returns he's not the same man. Can they rekindle their past love—and make it last this time?

With a clever Shakespearean riff, Carlyle sweeps you into "Much Ado About Twelfth Night," a comedy of errors and matchmaking that, of course, ends well for a marquess and a lady.

James proves it's quite easy to be "A Fool Again," as recently widowed Lady Genevieve Mulcaster encounters the devilishly handsome Tobias Darby, a man from her past, just as she's considering remarrying. A horse trade helps Genevieve decide between Tobias and a nobleman she "should" marry this time.

In "Nightingale" by Maxwell, Jemma must plead with Dane, the man she so cruelly rebuffed, for her brother's life. SENSUAL (Nov., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin