Image of One Grave at a Time


Image of One Grave at a Time

For Frost’s dynamic duo of Cat and Bones, a personal favor puts them on a collision course with a murderously obsessive ghost. As with all of Frost’s stories, there are multiple plot layers, and in this case an ominous new threat is opened. As Cat’s journey continues, Frost’s fans are assured of plenty of sexy sizzle along with their doses of extreme jeopardy.

A request from their ghostly friend Fabian introduces Cat and Bones to a ghost named Elisabeth who is on a vengeance quest. Burned at the stake for witchcraft by homicidal zealot Heinrich Kramer, Elisabeth got a measure of revenge by causing Kramer’s demise by spooking his horse. Since then, however, Kramer now becomes corporeal on Halloween, capturing and burning to death three new victims. Cat is determined to find a way to permanently stop Kramer, but her efforts are stymied by the interference of an old enemy of her now-deceased Uncle Don. That Don is hanging around as a ghostly presence is disconcerting, but the bigger worry is what Jason Madigan has planned for the team. (AVON, Sept., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith