Image of One Heart to Win


Image of One Heart to Win

For her 50th romance Lindsey creates a memorable western, complete with a clan feud, ranchers, miners and a pair of stubborn lovers who discover the value of family and trust. The secondary plot lines of old loves and dark secrets will keep readers turning the pages along with the joy of watching a young, impulsive heroine mature into a strong western woman. With that special touch of Lindsey humor and sexual tension, she wins her fans’ hearts.

Tiffany Warren has been raised knowing she must fulfill her mother’s vow: her marriage to Hunter Callahan will end a feud. The problem is that Tiffany hasn’t been to Montana or seen her estranged father in 15 years. Now, at 18, she unwillingly heads west. In the aftermath of a train robbery, Tiffany decides she can learn about both the Callahans and the Warrens by pretending to be the Warrens’ new housekeeper, Jennifer Fleming. When the Callahans kidnap her upon her arrival, Tiffany seizes the chance to get to know Hunter. Hunter is amused and enchanted by the feisty Jennifer’s efforts to fit into ranch life. Tiffany’s beginning to think marriage isn’t such a bad idea when her ruse is exposed. Now, the marriage is off, and it’s Hunter who must convince Tiffany he loves her. (GALLERY, Jun., 354 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin