Lisa Jewell's charming new release, ONE-HIT WONDER, is a touching story about families, both biological and social, and the ties that bind them together.

Awkward Ana Wills has always yearned to be more like her glamorous, exotic sister. When her estranged sister—a "one-hit wonder" from the '80s named Bee Bearhorn—dies suddenly in London, Ana leaves her shut-in mother and dreary existence to go to the city, pack her sister's upscale flat and reconcile her estate.

However, shortly after she arrives, Ana begins to get the feeling that Bee's life was not necessarily how she imagined it. Secrets and lies begin to emerge, leaving Ana intrigued. Whatever happened to Bee Bearhorn? Who was this woman that she hadn't seen in years? What was the story behind the country cottage that she shared with a mysterious young man?

As Ana begins to uncover more about the person her sister had become over the years, the individual behind the public image, she learns that she and Bee may not have been so very different after all. (Jun., 368 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Carey Applegate