Image of One Hot Cowboy Wedding (Spikes & Spurs)


Image of One Hot Cowboy Wedding (Spikes & Spurs)

Lazy drawls and pointy-toed boots are at the heart of Brown’s Texas-set romance. The third book of the Spike & Spurs series will make readers laugh along with the large and colorful cast of characters. While the couple’s relationship is hot as the Texas sun, their path to happiness is just a tad too smooth to be completely believable.

Love’em and leave 'em cowboy Ace Riley is stunned when he finds out that he must get married — and stay married for a year — or lose his inherited Texas ranch. To his rescue is his best friend Jasmine, owner of the local café where Ace has spent hours enjoying her cooking and her company. The two agree to a secret marriage that will end quietly in divorce. Everything is going well until their “secret” wedding is featured on the news. Now that everyone knows, Ace and Jasmine have no choice but to act like newlyweds. It isn’t long before the kisses for show become the real deal. Then, it’s a short trip to figuring out that a year of matrimony isn’t enough — forever sounds just about right. (SOURCEBOOKS, Apr., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison