Image of The One I Left Behind: A Novel


Image of The One I Left Behind: A Novel

This is a chilling story that keeps the suspense on high throughout. Alternating chapters that take place in the past and the present allow the reader to get a full scope of the horror the characters are feeling. There is never a point where it’s comfortable to put this book down; each chapter will have you wanting more. McMahon makes unsympathetic characters and their behaviors understandable and even likable. This is a book that is sure to be on top of many people’s lists.

Reggie is just a kid in the ‘80s when a serial killer hits her small Connecticut town and hits it hard. A killer nicknamed Neptune chops off his victims’ hands and leaves one hand at the police station. Five days later, the women’s bodies would show up. None of this affects Reggie in a deep way until her mother’s hand is discovered. But Vera’s body is never found, which pitches Reggie into a state of confusion. Reggie moves away, and 25 years later, she’s a successful architect. She is shocked when she receives a call from her aunt saying that her mother has been found alive, at a homeless shelter. She must return home to see her mother and to make sure Neptune doesn’t strike again. (MORROW, Jan., 432 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer