Image of The One I Want


Image of The One I Want

This fast-paced romance has a unique premise and a bold yet batty main character. Warren skirts the edges of chick lit with the pace and tone, and the intricacies of the secondary plots, as they tie in to the main story, will entertain and intrigue. Some comedy of errors and well-depicted sexual tension spice
up the story.

Chloe Flynt has a bad history of quitting--jobs and relationships. She makes a drastic move to Texas, with every intention of having quit for the last time. She successfully starts her business as a break-up artist, but her attraction to her unavailable next-door neighbor and a tangled web of clients and employees and her personal life nearly prove too much. When the product of her work shows up livid on her doorstep and she pushes her neighbor away one too many times, Chloe knows it will take some drastic and authentically Texan moves to make everything right. (BRAVA, May, 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen