Anthia Jenkins has fallen in love with her longtime friend, Dexter Washington. After sharing her feelings with him, Anthia never imagined the Pandoras Box she would open. Shes prepared herself for rejection, but Dexters response is bittersweethe cares for her, but hes not going to pursue their relationship and possibly ruin their friendship. Suspecting Dexter isnt telling her everything, Anthia is determined to show him the error of his ways by wearing him down with love and seduction.

Dexter refuses to open himself up to the pain and rejection sure to come if he tells Anthia of his past. Hed rather sacrifice her love than lose her friendship, or so he thinks. When hes accused of sexual harassment and his sordid past becomes the local news headline, Dexter realizes that Anthias loyalty and love are the only stability in his life. Praying its not too late, he resolves to fight for his good name, the woman he loves and their future happiness.

This long-awaited romance from veteran author Bette Ford packs as much wallop as her long, lean and luscious heroes! As always, Ms. Ford lifts sensuality to a new level without sacrificing plot, characters or story. ONE OF A KIND is just that. (Feb., 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson