Image of One Lavender Ribbon


Image of One Lavender Ribbon

Burch’s latest intertwines a sweet, nostalgic, poignant tale of a true love of the past with the discovery of true love in the present. The beautiful chemistry between Will and Adrienne feels authentic and Burch’s lyrical, contemporary storytelling, down-to-earth characters and intricate plot make this one story that will delight the heart.

Within the attic of the old Victorian home she just purchased, newly divorced Adrienne Carter discovers a stack of old love letters tied with a lavender ribbon and written from WW II veteran William Bryant to his love, Grace, who once lived in the house. The romantic letters touch Adrienne’s heartbroken soul. When she seeks out William, who lives nearby, she meets his handsome grandson Will Bryant, instead. Through William’s letters she learns truths about the Bryant family, and as she and Will begin to make a connection, both make her believe that true love can really exist. (MONTLAKE, Jul., 336 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates