Lanessa Pellerin has finally ended years of drinking and self-destructive behavior. Sober, content and the proud owner of a prosperous business, Lanessa is almost happyuntil she sees her ex-boyfriend Alex. She knows that shell never stop loving Alex, but she also realizes she wont be free of the past until she can apologize for the pain shed taken him through. When she finally gets up the nerve to approach him, their lunch date ends with them agreeing to try again. Shes overwhelmed by her second chance at happiness.

Its taken several broken relationships and a failed marriage for Alex to realize hell always love Lanessa. He believes they truly have a chance this time. Yet Lanessa, who still has a penchant for finding trouble, has acquired shady new clients. When he sets out to rescue her from the big, bad wolves, Alex learns about love, loyalty and the indomitable spirit of the woman he loves.

Ms. Emery has written another page turner with an adventurous heroine and larger-than-life hero who generate more heat and passion than acid-free paper can handle. ONE LOVE is the epitome of a good plan coming together to create an excellent romance novel. (Nov., 320 pps., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson