Known for her originality and strong emotions, Karen Ranney pulls out all the stops in this powerful Scarlet Pimpernel-style adventure romance that introduces her new series, The Highland Lords.

Long ago Alec Landers loved his mothers homeland. The highlands were his summer refuge and Leitis MacRae, his first love. Everything changed the day his mother was brutally murdered by a neighboring clan. His hatred for Scotland grew until he became known as The Butcher of Inverness, one of Cumberlands fiercest soldiers.

When Alec is given the opportunity to man the garrison near the MacRae lands, he seizes the opportunity to return home.

Leitis does not recognize her childhood playmate and when he agrees to take her hostage in exchange for releasing her uncle, she enters the butchers lair with trepidation. Alec can never reveal his true heritage or he could risk his place as Cumberlands man.

After the truth about his mothers death is revealed, Alec takes on another role as the rebel known as the Raven. With Leitis help, he aids the Scots and jeopardizes his life as an English enemy plots to bring down Alec and the Raven, even as the ardor they now share blossoms into full blown love.

Full of passion for the highlands and powerful emotions set against a well-researched backdrop, ONE MANS LOVE is a triumphant love story that heralds a marvelous new series and will garner Karen Ranney more loyal fans. SENSUAL (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin