Image of One Month with the Magnate


Image of One Month with the Magnate

ONE MONTH WITH THE MAGNATE (3) by Michelle Celmer: Isabelle Winthrop-Betts never thought she’d sink low enough to appeal to Emilio Suarez for help, especially since she walked away from him to marry a much older man. Now, however, she is desperate need of his help as she’s charged with fraud, looking at prison and trying to arrange a deal for her mother. Emilio offers to help her, but with one proviso — that she work as his housekeeper for one month. He thinks this arrangment will satisfy his need for retribution for the way she hurt him in the past. But the more he’s around Isabelle, the harder it is for him to believe she’s guilty — and very easy to remember how he wanted her to begin with. There’s a lot of family drama here and very fine characterizations, but it’s going to be hard for readers to buy Emilio’s quick turnaround and Isabelle’s swing between doormat and wildcat.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper