When vicars daughter Olivia Sherwood leaves her home to take a position at Ravenwood Hall she is struck by the activities around her. The Halls inhabitants are preparing for the arrival of the new earl; an illegitimate birth and shadowed past leaves much to speculation.

Dominic St. Bride was born to a Gypsy mother, and raised with the Romany until his father tore him from his mothers arms to be trained as the St. Bride heir. Though Dominic knows what his staff thinks of the Gypsy Earl, it is Olivia who interests him most.

Her father was murdered by a Gypsy, but Olivia cannot hate a man as handsome and kind as Dominic St. Bride. Although she is only a maid, he treats her like a princess.

To Dominic, Olivia is the light he needs in his dark life and he will do whatever he must to win her love and the redemption it can bring even as others conspire against them.

Samantha James writes of unique people who captivate our imaginations. From the very first page youll be drawn to the magnetic Dominic and adore spunky Olivia, but most of all you will be held in awe by the portrait of the redeeming quality of love that Ms. James brings to her story. A truly wondrous read. SENSUAL (Dec., 385 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin