The humor really shines as Rardin's kick-ass heroine guides readers through her insane life. The romance between Jaz and Vayl is reaching critical mass, so the tension is high. Great action, snappy dialogue and general wackiness ensure exciting times ahead!

After vanquishing Edward Samos, Jaz and Vayl's newest CIA assignment is to protect the head of a Scottish coven from an assassin. Since Floraidh Halsey was a close ally of Samos, Jaz is a bit ambivalent about the task, especially since her irascible father, Albert, has insisted on joining the team. Posing as ghost hunters at a convention gets them inside, but it also leads to some serious weirdness when Jaz, Vayl and team must dodge angry ghosts, murderers, demons and issues from Jaz's past. (ORBIT, Jan., 325 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith