Image of One More Kiss (Pennistan)


Image of One More Kiss (Pennistan)

The last of the Pennistans gets his day in this delectable bit of light storytelling. Without the emotional depth of characterization and plotting of previous Pennistan tales, the fifth volume is a fun, marriage-minded, typical Regency romp that showcases Blayney’s knowledge of the era. One More Kiss is a charming double love story that makes for a satisfying though clichéd read.

With their father demanding they find gentlemen as husbands, twin sisters Beatrice and Cecilia Brent attend a house party — Cecilia with high hopes and Beatrice wishing she could ignore marriage altogether. Jess Pennistan must find a way to reclaim the parcel of land he lost in a wager. He’s unexpectedly waylaid by his attraction to Beatrice. As Beatrice attempts to avoid falling in love with Jess, Cecilia is captivated by a man who loves her for more than her beauty. Their father’s arrival, the schemes of Pennistan’s nemesis and their own pride and passion collide as the party draws to a close. (BANTAM, May, 420 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin